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What is SoldierXSolvivor?

SoldierXSolvivor is a manga-inspired, community-driven NFT that comes with its own manga, exclusive holders utilities, and upcoming P2E story-driven game.

Pick one of the opposing factions between Soldier and Solvivor, work with your comrades, and shape the future stories. 

Choose Your Faction

In Solaris, a great war is bound to happen. Whether you’re able to protect Solaris as a Solvivor, or able to infiltrate Solaris as a Soldier, their fate is yours to decide..

Stake your SoldierXSolvivor NFTs and earn $SXS Token


True to their duty and to their bond, the Soldiers will always stand by Solaris. Their goal will always be the same, to the eradicate the virus that has plagued their home. These battle hardened Soldiers are tasked to gather intel, to track leads and to execute missions that will aid in the pursuit to save the world by any mean necessary. This is what they are trained for and this is what they need to protect.


In a world where they are shunned and outcast, Solvivors must learn to live by their own means. Solvivors must adapt to the environment and use the resources that the ruins of the city provides. This means that they must scavenge and they must fight for their survival. The Solvivors must keep training and must keep accumulating for resources as much as they can. They must learn to adapt and endure because in this war, they must survive.


32 years ago, the world population was heavily affected by a global pandemic. Many people died, hospitals overloaded, there were travel bans, a lack of workplace activity are causing businesses to go bankrupt and poverty arose everywhere. Because the origin of the virus is still unknown, making a vaccine is no longer an effective solution. The United Nations agree to lock down every region that is suspected as the virus origin.
Inside Solaris, 2053..
Solaris was the name of one of the cities that were locked down and abandoned by its government. Isolated by giant concrete walls, Buildings become overgrown with vegetation, car wrecks can be seen everywhere and the public transport system is off-limits. From a distance the voice of humans chattering and laughing can be heard.
You can see the remaining citizens that live in the city. Even though their appearance are unique, they appear to wear a powered air-purifying respirator, mask, and helmets to cover their face as extra protection to survive and adapt to the virus-contaminated environment.
As life must continue, they live a positive life, scavenging, farming, and working together to build shelter. Bound as a family by fate, not by blood, The remaining survivors of this city called themselves SOLVIVOR.
Outside Solaris..
People outside the closed city of Solaris managed to survive the pandemic. After successfully suppressing the virus spread and creating an effective vaccine before it was too late, The UN leaders formed The United Special Force (USF) called SOLDIER.
Recruited from the bravest people willing to risk their lives. Their mission is to eradicate the virus carriers that are still live inside Solaris.
And that’s how fate brings the SOLDIER into a clash with the SOLVIVOR.

Utility Roadmap

Stake & Earn $SXS Token

Stake your NFTs and you will earn $SXS token. Get exclusive merch, WL access, early webtoon access, NFT raffles, and use it to purchase items on our Overseer shop in our discord. You can also exchange our SXS token with $USDC in Raydium.

Access to Webtoon Manga and SXS DAO

SoldierXSolvivor NFT Holders will have early access to our manga with exclusive content and utility for holders. You will also be a part of SXS DAO where holders can vote for the project's future, join exclusive NFT raffles, get WL from other projects, and alpha calls from our analyst team.

Overseer Discord Bot Development

Overseer is our one and only discord bot where holders will earn special perks within our discord server. We're constantly developing more features to our bot including SXS Token integration, DAO verification, rarity checking, sales/listing bot, gamified staking, and more features to bring more value to our holders & community.

Solaris Lab Experiment

Solaris Lab is our most ambitious vision to build a web 3.0 community engagement platform by making own Overseer bot available for public that will give new utility and benefit for SXS holders and our upcoming gen-2 NFT holders. If you are part of NFT project, join us at our experiment at

*The roadmap plan is tentative, and things are subject to change during development based on market condition and community feedback.