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Ever wished to discover more ways to engage your Discord community?

The Overseer is a multipurpose Chat2Earn assistant bot that greatly improves community engagement on discord servers. It’s an innovative tool that helps you in dealing with your community more efficiently and effectively.

Stop wasting time setting up multiple bots for your community

The Overseer is a community engagement tool that provides the optimal conversation rate. We make it easy to safely verify NFT ownership, manage rarities, and track sales notifications throughout the collectibles lifecycle.

Manage your NFT Tokens and bring your Discord community together!

The Overseer enables you to deposit your tokens securely and withdraw at will, with a staking rewards program. It allows you to compound the number of tokens you possess in a short period of time.

Significant Improvement


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Based on SoldierXSolvivor Server


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Based on SoldierXSolvivor Server

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What They Said About SolarisLab

Testimonial #1 Sim

The Overseer provides us with unique mechanism that I haven't seen elsewhere. The thoughts that went into implementing this was just bangers. I mean getting compensation to just text or enjoy playing games like Pokemon? Who wants to miss out on that?! Once again, congrats to the team for providing the community with spicy things.

Testimonial #2 Skypan

Like I really enjoy hanging out here and Overseer is so generous! One of a kind. All the channels here, the game night every weekend, and the engagement to the community is really there, you can really feel it's community-driven.

Testimonial #3 Zewett

The Overseer Bot is awesome! Haven't heard/experience anything like it, and grinding becomes fun unlike other Servers. Heard the Devs of the project develop it themselves.

Testimonial #4 Vito Sinaga Prank

SoldierXSolvivor is a very solid project and one of the reason it's because their Overseer Bot. It's been very fun grinding coins that can be traded with SOL and also rare NFTs, also I love their shop mechanism. It's very unique.

Testimonial #5 Zlitch

Being new in NFT projects and being active in discord was something new to me, so I guess I was lucky enough to discover Overseer in SoldierXSolvivor. It was fun and amusing, the things he can do and help in the community. He even sometimes talks to you in your own language, so cool right?!

    Pushing real utilities and a goal of creating sustainable engagement growth.

    Yes. Our team were the mastermind behind success of SoldierXSolvivor NFT community.



    Created by SeHo with Patience 🙂